Our Mission:

T.P.S. Supply, LLC.  believes it is within our responsibility to be the one stop source for ALL plumbing and heating needs; with knowledgeable staff on hand that produces superior customer service.

Company Profile:

T.P.S - The Plumbing Store is a wholesale & retail store that sells plumbing and heating products. We pride ourselves on being the largest plumbing repair centers in the areas for which we serve.

T.P.S. - The Plumbing Store currently has two locations in New Jersey. The original location is located in Sussex County in a town called Stanhope. The Plumbing store has occupied this location for over 25 years. This location is a complete plumbing and heating supply store with a kitchen and bath showroom as well as a heating showroom.

In the county of Morris, T.P.S. Supply is located in the center of Morristown. The location T.P.S. currently occupies has been the Morristown Plumbing Supply for 50+ years. The Plumbing Store acquired T.P.S. in February 1999 and implemented the same goals and missions that made The Plumbing Store successful in the past.

Service -
            “Service is our Motto.” Serving the public with a knowledge and trustworthy salesman is our job and our priority.

            Honesty and accountability is the reason why The Plumbing Store has gained a trustworthy and experienced reputation by plumbers and homeowners; a characteristic that was always important to our staff and will continue to be.

            “If we don’t have we will get it.” Telling the customer “NO” is forbidden.